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13 June 2013

Kawasaki ZXR400 race project - DAY 11

The front forks that have already been rebuilt now need fitting.


ZXR400 frame


The radiator and oil cooler were total scrap , there is so much corrosion in the aluminium that the only option is the bin !!

Radiator wise we have a ZX6R one knocking around in the workshop with a hole in it .. Hole fixed .. and we now have a radiator , fabricate a few brackets and away we go. Oil cooler wise was a bit harder , seeing as the club races we want to try this in are only 5-6 laps long , we have bypassed the oil cooler all together and done without !! simples ...


We have now added one of our own ram air boxes and velocity stack kits. This should get the old girl breathing a bit better !!


ZXR400 ram air


We alos had a good rummage around and manged to make a good quick action throttle out of 3 or 4 broken ones so that is another problem solved.

To make running the ram air box easier we also found a set of coil sticks in our electrics draw . So together with the race loom that we made earlier we have a very neat and tidy electrical system now.




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